TV Shows As Nights Out

Having a social life is alright I guess, but you know what’s even better?  Television.  Sitting at the corner of Escapism and Passivity, television shows can mimic the experience of any night out on the town, except for much less money and without the risk of meeting new people.  Here are seven shows to get you started.


1) Lost- The night started out great, full of thoughtful conversations and interesting people, many of whom you apparently already knew through mutual friends.  Even weirder than that were all the people who had freshmen classes with you or lived in your dorm but never spoke to you, always hovering in the background without your paths fully crossing.  You aren’t quite sure when it started, but somewhere along the way things started escalating quickly.  It was probably when that guy with the stupid Chinese tattoo showed up with the coke.  Things got crazier and crazier until you found yourself sideways at a house party on the opposite side of town where you recognized no one, wondering how you could possibly get yourself out of this one.


2) Breaking Bad- You kept ordering shots and liquor, pushing your tolerance past levels you thought possible.  Many times you thought you were going to lose it and throw up, but somehow you kept it together and kept pushing, making sure you told everyone in the bar every detail about the “uh-MAZE-ing” night you were having.  You felt excellent the next morning when it was all over and grabbed a nice big breakfast with your friends to top it off.


3) Dexter- A perfectly enjoyable night downtown ended with you in the hospital, under arrest, and with no memory of what happened in-between.


4) Firefly- The pregame was probably the best you ever went to.  Everyone was laughing and playing games, no one got too drunk or into any fights.  You couldn’t wait for the party after such a great teaser, but when you got there you couldn’t find anyone you knew.  You just spent a few hours wandering around, wondering how the party could bomb after such a great pregame, when you got a call to go to the after party.  You didn’t even know there was going to be one, but sure enough you find everyone there waiting on you.  Things picked up right where the pregame left off, although you couldn’t help noticing some people seemed a little bitter that the party was a bust.


5) Arrested Development- A great dinner party with your close friends, full of joking and wine.  The jokes were pretty inside and impenetrable for any outsiders, but it’s a blast for those who get the humor.  Someone suggested going to the bars for last call and one final drink, but unfortunately it just wasn’t the same.  By that point in the night everyone’s wits were a little duller and their eyelids a little heavier.


6) The Sopranos- Blackout.


7) Community- Decided to stay in and drink by yourself while watching some 80’s sitcoms and cult films.  No one would have any idea it happened if you hadn’t Tweeted and Tumbld about it all night.



24 Things To Do Before Staying Single At 24 Even Though I’m Like A Month From 25

You Only Live Once but you’ll probably be married lots of times.

1) Dance like no one is watching.

2) Dance like one guy is watching but he’s only half into it.  He probably has a lot on his mind.

3) Don’t be hurt by someone who doesn’t have your permission to hurt you.

4) Don’t give people permission to hurt you.  It can’t end well.

5) Eat nothing but Nutella for a week straight.

6) Start a new job and quit on the first day.

7) Heckle a couple during their wedding.

8) Turn a week out of the country into years of condescension and smugness.

9) Date someone with a learning disability.

10) Spend 24 hours only doing things described in Ke$ha songs.

11) Be really offended that someone got married earlier than you.

12) Only read books you can buy in an airport.

13) Stop answering to your name for a week.

14) Discover yourself but don’t tell anyone what you found.  They gotta work for it.

15) Get drunk in a government building.

16) Date two people at the same time and see who you hurt worse, because you’re probably a sociopath.

17) Laugh, but in that special way married people can’t.

18) Close your eyes and throw a dart at a map.  Wherever it lands you can never visit.

19) Choose the god that’s hardest to pronounce.

20) Make $120,000 a year.

21) Journal for one day, forget about it, then tell everyone how “cleansing” it is.

22) Fake your own death.

23) Spoil Breaking Bad for someone.

24) Go six months without changing your oil.