The Star of Literature

The Star of Literature

If you’re anything like me, you have more books on your “To Read” list than you could get to in a single lifetime. If you’re also like me, you hate reading similar books back-to-back and have to frequently change up which genres you’re hitting (this is also called “living with undiagnosed obsessive-compulsive disorder”). Because I’m always thinking of my readers (and NOT because I’m unemployed with too much time on my hands), I came up with this chart. Simply follow the arrow after you finish a book in that genre to ensure you’re getting enough variety in your diet. Note: these are the most general genres I could think of. Don’t comment to complain that I left off “Post-Apocalyptic-Steam-Punk-Young-Adult-With-A-Love-Triangle.” Just replace the genres you don’t like with ones you do. Also, “Fiction” means literary novels. A simple litmus test is to mention the book to an English major. If they roll their eyes, it isn’t literary. If they say it’s one of their favorites, it’s literary. Also, they’re lying.


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